“He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”
– Albert Einstein describing compound interest

Whether you’re investing or helping others, doing a little bit every day has an immense impact over time. This is the driving principle behind #DoMore.

We are challenging South Africans to #DoMore by joining the #BlueBox movement. By doing 10% more for people each year, we will make an immense difference to those in need and create a movement that keeps growing every year.

How it works

This year we are giving our clients, suppliers and friends a #BlueBox that contains the chance to make a small difference in somebody’s life.

Fill the box and give it to someone in need, then challenge a friend or colleague to #DoMore with their own blue box.

Film your challenge and post it to social media and we will send the first 500 people challenged their own blue box.

Together we can #DoMore for those in need and make this festive season a little better for South Africa.